3 Easy Steps To Deactivate Telegram Account

Is it that easy to delete your Telegram Account in one click? Not sure. Security is the most important app in Telegram.  If you are one of those users who want to delete your account, read more to understand the systematic process.

First, things first.  Understand that you cannot just delete your Telegram account using your mobile.  You will have to first log on to the office Website of Telegram. Once you logon, you will have to key in the code that is sent to you. Make sure to key in the correct code and follow the uppercase along with the lowercase alphabets.  You may just copy it so that you do not make a mistake when keying in.

You could enter the password in the code section and then sign in to navigate further.  When you see the green section, you will be asked to enter your cell or mobile number.

Once you get the confirmation code through telegram, you key in that number and then move on to the next step.

In the second step, once you get the account password, you have to paste it to the telegram site.  You will get a message through Telegram, which contains the deletion code.

Third step is the important step where Telegram website will specifically ask you the reason for deleting the account.  Firstly, there is no obligation on your part to answer this.  Irrespective of whether you wish to give a reply or not, you would be required to click on “Done” and you could proceed.

At this step, you can delete the telegram account, delete the digital photo that you had kept for your contacts and direct you to the deleted account.  A Warning appears which will guide you that once you do not wish to continue using your Telegram account, you have a choice to delete it. The other side however is that it will not be possible for you sign up to Telegram for quite a number of days.


Being telegram geeks you should not end up deactivating your telegram account more than thrice. Once you do it thrice within a short span of time or stipulated days, your telegram number stops and you are barred from signing up for Telegram for the next twenty one days.  In case you receive a deleted account message unintentionally, simply ignore it.  Someone would have hacked into your telegram account and would have just tried to enter your mobile number, but in vain.