3 Methods to Reset a WordPress Website

Are you a WordPress developer or just a website owner? Do you want to reset your WordPress site? If yes and you are looking to learn different kinds of methods to reset WordPress, you are in the right place.

Today we have decided to teach you 3 methods to reset any WordPress sites easily. You can choose which one is comfortable for you and feels easy.

  1. Using WordPress Plugin

If you are a newbie and you don’t have any idea how to reset WordPress, better to choose a plugin to do this job for you. If you want to reset your WordPress site in one click, use WP Reset plugin. The Plugin is absolutely free to use and it doesn’t accidentally reset or delete your site. Yes, the Plugin asks for your confirmation before the action.

WP Reset can help you to reset and restore any type of WordPress site in one click. It comes with a lot of different options like you can delete only themes, plugins, and delete the ht access file only. If you want to complete reset or a partial reset, you can use this plugin.

  1. Deleting the Database

If you have access to your website hosting, you can delete the database and reset your site easily. Open your hosting and look for the MySQL Databases option under the Databases section and delete the files that correspond to your site.

Once you deleted the database, your site won’t work anymore. Now you have to reinstall WordPress. Check now, you can see an entirely new website.

  1. Using the Command Line

This part is only for WordPress developers. We don’t recommend this method if you are not a WordPress expert. If you are a WordPress developer, I’m sure you are familiar with WP-CLI. WP-CLI is resetting your WordPress site without any additional efforts.

You still need to delete your theme and plugins with this method. All methods above works well but we recommend you to use WP Reset plugin because it saves your time. If you ever want to use 301 Redirects, we recommend WP 301 Redirects plugin, the same team behind WP Reset.