Are Smart Locks Safe? Let’s Get The Answer

As the days have progressed, people have found the need to settle down comfortably in one place. What used to be more of a hunting-gathering at one point in time is now more of an organised settlement all over the world. Men and women work to earn their living, gather possessions, and settle down to live their lives comfortably. However, as one gathers wealth, they tend to face the brunt of risks.

The risks to one’s possessions can be of many types. There can be risks of burglary, robbery, breaking, and other such cases. To combat such situations, people came up with the idea of locks and keys. Talking about locks and keys, even though many people prefer traditional lock systems, they have their risks.

Thus, there came in digital locks that offer a higher security range over traditional locks and keys. As technology crept into every corner of our lives, digital locks turned into smart locks. However, the question remains: ‘What are smart locks?’

In this article, we will get to what smart locks are and how they are useful. We will also find out whether they are useful and keep one safe from risks in and around Singapore.

What Are Smart Locks?

Smart locks are the first step to home innovation and automation. They are why homeowners can bring in some personalisation to their lock systems and keep their passcodes unique. Smart locks add a high level of functionality. Apart from the fact that they add style to one’s living space, they also make sure there is a lot more flexibility involved in the system attached.

However, flexibility does not come at the cost of the safety of one’s place. People can add their biometric information, connect the smart locks to their Bluetooth, and unlock doors with a smart key. No matter the mechanism, a smart lock tries to bring in innovation with an added amount of security.

Smart locks are an excellent addition to one’s homes as they offer the following:

  • A higher degree of safety
  • A personalised touch to the attachments in one’s home
  • A greater degree of style
  • Intricate mechanism only under the knowledge of a few people
  • Added smart innovation with the main mechanism.

A smart lock combines innovation with innovation to offer a greater level of convenience to one and all.

How Are Smart Locks Safer Than Traditional Locks?

As we mentioned earlier, smart locks combine smart technology with innovation. They make sure that technology can ensure that you live in much more secure spaces than any other ordinary space. A smart lock aims to add a lot of convenience to one’s living. However, how safe can it be when we are talking about smart locks in one’s home?

Smart locks do not make use of traditional keys. This means that there stands no risk of misplacing keys at any place whatsoever. Traditional keys can suffer damage due to mechanical wear and tear. They may even be misplaced, and in the worst-case scenario, the keys may fall in the hands of the wrong person.

Smart locks make use of smart keys or remote-controlled mechanisms. The way to unlock the system is also very smart, indeed. Homeowners can set up their smart locks with their Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit. Either way, they can help you connect with the voice system and make your lock systems all the smarter. You can command your smart device, which can, in turn, control the smart lock.

In certain cases, smart locks also come equipped with a smart camera. This is exclusively used to record the faces of people who are at the door. It proves to be exceptionally helpful when there are cases of breaking. One can look at the person at the door and ask for their identification to verify it is them.

Some of the smart locks in the market come in equipped with alarm systems. These alarm systems are enabled with sensors that go off the moment any mishap is estimated. These alarm systems are loud enough to wake up the entire neighbourhood. Some of the lock systems also send a quick text to the homeowners’ device and the law enforcement if programmed that way.

One of the biggest benefits of having a smart lock is that people can control it when they are away from home. With the combined effort of your smart device, smart camera, and smart lock, you can stay connected with your smartphone to lock or unlock the locking system whenever it is convenient. This way, homeowners can take care of their property even when they are away for days.

How To Look For The Right Smart Lock In Singapore?

Looking for a smart lock can be challenging as the options in a place like Singapore are endless. However, with the right guidance, it is not impossible. Ensure to get hold of someone who understands the lock systems well.

It is always good to do some research on your own before you step into the market to buy a smart lock for your home. Furthermore, it is necessary to set a budget and plan accordingly. As far as safety is considered, smart locks offer an excellent degree of safety compared to traditional lock systems.

If you are making a purchase, it is better than you get a smart lock with a smart camera and an alarm system. This makes life easy as you can look at people at the door. One can also track unusual activity in case there is any threat to the property.

To Sum It Up

Smart locks are undoubtedly one of the best solutions for modern-day living spaces. They not only allow a high degree of safety, but they also allow living standards in style. A smart lock is proof of good taste. Get your home secured today with the best of all smart locks available in Singapore.