Bee Booster for Android



There are many Android devices with different types of hardware. Unlink iPhones, there are vast number of manufactures for Android. So, it is hard to optimize Android for all devices. That’s why many older Android phones getting slower drastically over time with updates. No need to buy new phone, there are apps like performance boosters that can boost performance for free.

There are main few reasons to lose performance, battery time, storage and etc. First and main problem is junks. Junks may collect over time due to installed apps, updates, caches and more. As a result, amount of your files available on storage getting low and cause storage out of space. It is hard to find and delete those junks manually. You have to install effective junk cleaner application like Clean Master apk or Bee Booster. Since Clean Master not available on play store, you can use Bee Booster. It is a free application available on play store.

Use this application to easily clean all junks and reclaim storage space without deleting your important files. Other reason for slowing down is having unwanted applications and games. There are preinstalled and user installed applications that are no longer using. It is hard to decide whether application require or not. Bee Booster can show app usage history and how often you use those application. You can easily delete apps that are not used for years. It is important to uninstall unwanted applications. Because those applications use device resources to push updates, news, notifications and many. Most importantly it takes considerable amount of storage space. Get more storage by uninstalling those apps and games.

Bee Booster for Android

Use bee booster to solve all your performance issues for free. Many Android phones require to charge frequently. Some phones lose charge even without using the phone. Bee Booster can identify power hungry apps and background processers. You can hibernate those processers to increase battery time. Those tasks or apps will wake when you open it. Those applications won’t run on background draining battery power all the day. 

Most phones get hot quickly and it is hard to hold. It happens when CPU temperature increased, it uses phone body to dissipate that heat to cool down. When the amount of work load increases, it increases CPU stress increasing CPU temp. You can close all CPU intensive tasks and apps before using the phone. That helps to watch videos or play games for much longer time without getting phone hot.

Download Bee Booster for Android

This is a free junk cleaner available for Android devices via Play Store and AC Market. If you want to install this application on Windows 11 devices, you have to install AC Market. Click here to download AC Market Windows 11 APK.