Importance To Identify Your Business In Local SEO – Advice To Hong Kong Businesses


Local SEO involves making certain changes to your local business website’s design and content that would let your site become more attractive to a typical search engine such as Google i.e. Let’s say you own a local Hong Kong small business in Kowloon district, and when people doing keyword search of your service or product on Yahoo or Google, you want your web pages to appear on the first page of the search results. In the past years, quite a few HK local businesses have been doing well in this aspect with professional SEO services from a SEO expert or specialist (in Hong Kong). Most other local companies weren’t doing that well because they never put any emphasis on organic search ranking of Google, Yahoo or Bing.

One of the end goals is to hope that the search engine will display your website as a top result on the search engine results page. However, the various factors have made search engine optimization for any business including any local Hong Kong business complex. Think of the aspect in this way: The search engines always want to provide the best service (or search results) to their own users. This means delivering results on the search engine results pages that are not only high quality but that should be what people are exactly looking for.

Search engines have the ability to understand what a website is about. Based on this very ability, for example the Google’s bot would have scanned or crawled the content (or the HTML codes) of web pages to figure out what a site is all about. If your business targets a broader audience globally, you should tell the search engine that is your intention. If you are running a local business which is based in Hong Kong and is all for HK local audience and/or consumers, then it is a good idea to show such signs to Google.

What happens is that when the scope of your site is very broad (such as a global business), it becomes much harder to rank anywhere in the world. When you have restricted to only a single market such as the Hong Kong market, it makes it easy for Google to understand the intention. For a local business that only targets the local market, it normally faces fewer competitors in the same industry or who are selling similar products. This makes the results of your SEO a lot simpler to achieve.