Samsung Hw K950 – Best Of Its Kind

You can enhance the quality and depth of the TV sound connecting to a soundbar through a cable or remotely. Samsung hw k950 gives you a Dolby Atoms effect on the regular TV sound. This state of the art technology creates potent, moving sound effects by adding two concepts; audio objects and overhead speakers. It enhances the prevailing 5.1 surround sound to a given listener all-round magical profound hearing experience. Sounds come from every direction, including overhead. The quality of the music is astonishingly crystal clear, full of richness, detail, and profound. The three-dimensional effect immerses you in the wave.

Safety Information

Do not expose the device to rain or moisture, which may cause fire or electrical shock. The plug and socket should perfectly match to evade any spark or electric shock. Use only AC current to use this appliance. After use, pull the caps off from the sockets. Do not expose it to any water contact; vases filled with water should not be placed over it. Your AC power supply should be well earthen and complies with the specification of the soundbar. Install the device parallel with enough space (7-10 cm) for proper ventilation, which will not overheat the appliance. During thunderstorm and prolong intention of not using it, pull off the plug from the electric socket. Do not place it under direct sunlight and heat source.

Protect this sophisticated device from moisture, heat, and strong magnetic and electric field. Condensation may occur due to extreme cold weather. If it happens to be exposed to outside chill, wait till it returns back to room temperature before use. Do not dispose of the old batteries with other trash; it can pollute the environment. Replace with similar batteries.

Components of the set

With the central sound bar unit, there are sub-Woofer and surround speaker.AC plug, AC/DC adapter, HDMI cable, power cord, and remote control. Connect the main soundbar, subwoofer, left, and right surround Speaker to the power source using the power cord. To know more about power connection, read the information label attached to the bottom of the central unit. After connecting the power supply to the main soundbar, surround sound and subwoofer press the start button on remote or on the right side of the central unit. The subwoofer and surround speaker get synchronized with the soundbar. The blue indicator on subwoofer and surround speaker states the pairing is complete. Now you can experience the Dolby effect, which is dynamic, profound, and full of opulence.