Slow Shutter Photography

In the slow shutter photography, the camera shutter is left open for a long time so that moving subjects are blurred, and the camera captures the moving points of light.

In this article, we shall discuss the techniques of slow shutter photography and have to take advantage of them in your photography business.

Motion blur

This is when an object moves too quickly and appears as a blur. This happens in terms of the shutter speed of the camera. It can be a result of unwanted results in the photography process, like when the subject of the photograph moves are way before the shutter goes off. You can take advantage of this to control your shutter speed and turn motion blur into a technique for expressing movement without using photoshop alternatives.

Shutter speed

To achieve this motion blur, start with 1/10 seconds if you are unsure and where to begin. The speed at which the object moves determines the shutter speed you will use. By setting the shutter speed to 1/10, you can create enough blur even if the subject is walking briskly. Ensure that the camera is steady and the image stabilization mood is on.

ISO speed

Set the ISO on auto mode if you cannot adjust the settings or the speed by yourself.


The camera should be focused on the background of the shot. Also, try and focus on the spot we are the subjects we walk into. As you focus on that spot, the area will still be.


In this technique, the subjects remain sharp while the background is Blurred. To achieve panning in photography, it requires deliberate concentration stability and precision. The speed at which the subject moves should match with the speed at which you open the camera. This will make the moving subjects appear to be still why the background becomes blurred. It can be used efficiently for forming a sense of speed in photography.

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