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Things healthcare leaders should know about call centres

Healthcare call centres have become an emerging trend among the patients that helps them to avoid cranky receptionists and call holds while contacting their physicians. Healthcare call centres have provided quick response time, reduced administrative burden, and improved patient experience. Here are a few things that healthcare leaders should know about healthcare call centres:

  • Keeping your patient on a positive track is very important. Nowadays patients are not reluctant to switch if they find the service unsatisfying. Healthcare call centres make sure that their demands are met and their experience is positive like a patient with an emergency must get an appointment scheduled for the same day.
  • People at healthcare call centres are trained with the latest technology and speech analytics that successfully differentiates them from other individuals.
  • Healthcare call centres are a win-win situation for physicians as they lessen the burden of understaffing hospitals and clinics that have been affecting their daily management practices. It helps the physicians to operate efficiently. A patient’s first impression about the physician is via phone call, and if it is being handled by experts it can surely boost your reputation and efficiency.
  • Training plays an important role when it comes to patient engagement and being empathic with them. A trained agent if a healthcare call centre is well equipped with the knowledge and can display their great customer service skills on every call they handle throughout the day. It is important to talk with your patients and make them feel that you understand what they are going through. It will make the patient feel attached and cared for.
  • It has been observed that call centres generate an ROI of 3:1 by driving revenue and patient loyalty. A good Healthcare call centre helps to retain patients as they have been helped in times of need, they are bound to return again and again. It also helps the administrative department to work fruitfully.