Top 3 Plays to Stream Anime Content in 2020

Japanese anime has gained a lot of popularity among the world audience and is no longer just limited to the Japanese audience. The anime which are now available on various online sites have gained a lot of popularity and fan all over the world. And especially in the United States and the European countries, it has taken over the younger generation by storm.

But though you would not find gogoanime on your channels, you would find it online only and almost all the series and episodes are available online.

Here, you would get to know about the top 3 anime online sites where you would be able to stream different content and they are worth trying on PC, android, and iOS mobile devices. Also, while you are searching online for anime, your online safety matters too and you should stream anime keeping that in mind.


This is one of the best anime sites that you would find. You would find so many series on that and would be able to stream them all. It would provide a lot of cool animations in the thumbnail view and also arranges the anime keeping in mind to keep the latest one at the top.

And on top of the page, you would find different categories of different anime genres and would be able to choose the one you prefer the most. You could navigate to the list of the anime present on the site and you would get videos of the different anime.

Clicking on the anime you want to see, you would be taken to the video page. Though you would not be able to change the video resolution and ads might pop up sometimes.


This is a website which specialises in dubbed anime series. This is done to cater to the English-spoken region. The site would provide you with the latest anime and the updates on what anime is airing in a specific season. You would get on-going as well completed series of anime.


You would be able to watch top anime online for free. The site would provide you with an updated plot of the anime you would want to see if it an on-going one. It provides you with high-quality videos and with English animation series; you do not have to rely upon subtitles anymore.

Thus, these are the top anime sites where you would find all categories of anime and that too free with quality videos.