What you should know about the Huawei Pro 2 Fitness Tracker

The huawei pro 2 fitness tracker provides a decent fitness tracking experience. It might not have the set of features as its counterparts, but the affordable price of the Huawei Pro 2 makes it a widely selling option with fitness novices.

The pro2 fitness tracker offers a rectangular design. It has been surpassed by the Huawei Band 3 Pro. Rest assured that the Band 2 Pro is still a great-looking fitness tracker available at a decent discount. It caters to the users with water-resistant features along with a built-in GPS, simple navigation with a limited touch interface on the go. It also rocks the style blending in with both running gear and office dress code.

Understanding the Band 2 Pro

The Huawei Band 2 Pro does not look forward to reinventing the wearable with its design. However, it has been different from the traditional timepiece style.

Rather than the circular face, the design has been streamlined to match the aesthetic of most popular fitness bands.

The soft silicon bands wrapping around the wrists would latch together using two plastic pegs. It would also comfortably fit the combination of brushed steel and plastic. It provides a curved glass on the face.

The latch would mean that there were no metal or sharp clasps to pinch you or rust over time when is exposed to sweat.

The PMOLED touch interface display on the Band 2 pro orients in portrait mode. It would make it relatively easier to read.

The slender screen means that when you are given complex information on-screen during a run similar to your current heart rate along with the heart rate zone you were in, it could be relatively difficult to see precisely what it says, especially when you are traveling.

When cycling between different activity tracking functions of the wearable, you could either flick the wrist or click on the button at the bottom of the display. It caters you to an extremely touch-sensitive section of the screen with a faux button.

You could also turn on the Band 2 pro by raising your wrist and turning it towards you. This gestural control is a great feature in the Band 2 pro.

The basic interface is fine, but nothing much could be done about it if you do not prefer the layout of the display. The app entails an option for changing the order that items appear in the menu. It means that if you want to see the heart rate before steps, you could do so easily. However, there would be no other options available for the standard watch face.

Huawei has implemented a heart rate sensor on the underside of the gadget. Rest assures that it has been a highly appreciated hardware feature. The sensor could be sighted easily on the unit. However, it means that you do not have to tighten the strap to take the reading.

The bottom line

The Huawei pro2 fitness tracker would be a decent purchase for novice fitness workers. It means that for people looking for an affordable fitness tracker with easy to use interface, the Band 2 Pro would be the best bet.