How Google Really Deals with Backlinks

Google adds up all social media links and also looks at how regularly you get links from social media platforms. Getting a lot once will not help you in the long term, but getting a number of tweets, plus signs and “likes” per blog post certainly helps.

Do you have to link to others yourself?

A common question is whether you should link to other websites yourself because many website owners think that this will undermine the power of your own website. That is not the case. However; Only link to websites that are relevant to what you write about and make sure that the outgoing links on your website are also qualitative. Google appreciates when you refer the visitor to a website with additional information in addition to your own site. It must therefore be an addition and preferably to a website with a good reputation at Google. You can buy backlinks and have the best option in SEO.

Link exchange?

With link exchange

When there is a link exchange, this usually means that two companies agree to link to each other. That can be very logical and useful. For example with a guest blog:

It simply means that you place a link on your website to another website and that that website places a link to your website in return. This is a tactic that worked well in the (distant) past, but is now hardly given any value by Google, because everyone could exchange links in this way. 

A backlink from a “link partners” page with 100 other links on it will not add value to you. The more outbound links there are on a page, the less value each link has in Google’s eyes. That makes sense. A website owner is basically saying, “You can visit this website but we know 99 other websites that could be just as interesting to you.” That is not a very warm recommendation of course and therefore quite worthless. 

About the Homepage

A link from another homepage says all the more. With link swapping, always make sure that you complement each other, then Google will not find it a problem. If you are going to exchange links, it is best to go to ABC-linking, that works with 3 websites A, B, and C. Suppose you have 2 websites (A and C). You would like to have a backlink from another website (B) but B would like to have a backlink. You can then place a link from your second website (C) to B in exchange for a link from B to your website (A) as a return link. 


This way there is no linking to each other and this is therefore better for the search engines. There may then be no further connection between website A and C and this tactic is also best applied in moderation.


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