The Perfect Storage Solution For Your Business

With the increasing demands and complications in the world of business, it is becoming necessary for each venture to adopt modern measures. This ensures the business to be able to stand up to the global standards of data storage and handling. The Dell Compellent SCv5020 is an excellent option for your business and adds automatic cost-saving options to your economics. With the help of modern architecture, you can get an optimized centre for economical aspects while also being able to render hybrid performance or transformational SSD and HDD.

What Makes the Dell Compellent SCv5020 A Reliable Choice?

When you opt for the SC series, you receive the lowest possible pricing for flash as well as hybrid flash. This enables companies of any size to gain from the advantages of the technology that they would need to grow in this constantly changing market. Some of the key points that make the SC series a reliable choice are:

  • Compression And Avoiding Duplication: One of the key features which reduce the raw capacity that is required by the system for storing data.
  • ProSupport Services: with the help of these services, installation costs can be heavily reduced by using remote installation and it also ensures that the system is set up properly for the first time itself.
  • RAID Tiering: Manual RAID provisioning can be eliminated which not just increases efficiency but it also helps in boosting utilization.

What Are The Advantages Of The Dell Compellent SCv5020 Array?

The SC data progression system is capable of dynamically tuning multiple drive tiers along with managing the RAID level to offer optimal performance and cost-efficiency. Some important points render the system to be an efficient one:

  • Intelligent Reduction Of Data: Compression of data is done while ensuring the least cases of duplication which ensures optimized performance as well as the reduced requirement of larger capacity for operation in the cycle. 
  • Quick Flash Architecture: By defining a specific performance ratio, you can improve the performance by adding more flash. The data will always be written on your fattest drive with the help of your fastest RAID levels. 
  • Low-Cost Operations: With efficient volumes controls, the apps that can critical for the mission can run very efficiently thus offering optimal results to the business.

Choosing The Dell Compellent SCv5020 As Your Option

The Dell Compellent SCv5020 is supremely efficient arrays and can work seamlessly with any configuration of your choice. But for most businesses, are mostly concerned about the cost that they will have to bear to be able to deploy the all-flash configurations. With the help of these arrays, you can monitor as well as control the systems. You can also create thousands of discreet volume copies of several applications without requiring excess storage space.