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Security Manager Job Role and Responsibilities

Cloud as we say it, sounds somewhat mystical when we talk about cloud computing. But it is not really any different than the conventional physical computing that we have been doing for ages. It still does rely on all the physical servers that used to be a part of computing and it was called the […]Read More

Benefits of CompTIA Security+ Certification for Security Professionals

In the current age of information technology, all information is covered. Much of this information is digitally available on the Internet, which is actually a global computer network accessible to everyone. So security is a big problem. The security of data available on the Internet is referred to as network security worldwide. Network security is […]Read More

Futuristic Security Tools Available Right Now

Today, in order to secure your business, you need a wide range of information technology security devices and futuristic tools. However, technology is evolving rapidly and many organizations still use the same security tools nowadays. This is an exciting new technology in the online security market – and smart versions of old themes. It is […]Read More

Slow Shutter Photography

In the slow shutter photography, the camera shutter is left open for a long time so that moving subjects are blurred, and the camera captures the moving points of light. In this article, we shall discuss the techniques of slow shutter photography and have to take advantage of them in your photography business. Motion blur […]Read More

How to Reset WordPress Manually and with Plugin?

WP theme developers sometimes make the mistake of the staging the sites in a rush. If they then plan to enhance any specific features, they will have to reset the WP database. There is no other option to start the site again to the default, without un-installation and reinstallation.  How to correctly reset the WordPress […]Read More

Importance To Identify Your Business In Local SEO – Advice

  Local SEO involves making certain changes to your local business website’s design and content that would let your site become more attractive to a typical search engine such as Google i.e. Let’s say you own a local Hong Kong small business in Kowloon district, and when people doing keyword search of your service or […]Read More

Security Breach Incidents in 2019 and Steps to Prevent Them

Numerous incidents of data breaches have been happening more often than the previous years, and in the first half of the year 2019 the attackers have exposed 4.1 billion records in different data breach incidents across the world. As per the Risk-Based Security Research 2019 midyear report, the first six months of 2019 have witnessed […]Read More