Overwatch: HitScan Heroes

In this guide, I will tell you the best way possible to play as a HitScan hero in Overwatch. It is not a secret that most of the Overwatch maps have interesting and quite-easy accessible high-grounded (Hello, Obi-Wan) areas from where, as a hitscan hero, you must take every opportunity to kill anyone from the enemy team. Positioning is extremely important, at the high-grounds it is incredibly hard for enemies to catch you or cover with fire. But for you, it is a pure blessing! You can simply didge any incoming fire and quickly change your position if you are seeing that enemies are gathering up and trying to catch you. From the highground it is much easier to land headshots, that is why the positioning is playing a crucial role in HitScan heroes gameplay.

But do not give yourself such a pleasure to sit in one place, do not forget that you are playing against players, and some of them could be no-less professional in flicking as you. So you need to keep your movement unpredictable, to decrease the damage you are receiving from both, flicking and tracking. Just think, how do you need to play against heroes, that could hit you almost instantly, without the need for projectiles to reach you. Right, you need to strafe as much as you can. The more chaotic your movement will be Рthe better, just do not forget to adjust your aim to your movement and then you will be incredibly good in boosting Overwatch accounts.

So-called A/D strafing (A and D are the most common buttons for “”Run left”” and “”Run right”” action moves) is an incredibly important skill for everyone who are struggling to learn Overwatch. The more you move – the harder for enemies is to hit you. But do not repeat the most common mistake, if you will use strafing for too much, you will have the greatest flow – the space in the middle between both strafing positions will always be the same. At the semi-high SR leagues in Overwatch (Diamond and higher) every hitscan enemy would wait for that exact moment to shoot you. But do not forget, you must use the same flow to delete other hitscan heroes.

The only thing you could do to get rid of this flow – is to randomize your strafing. I mean that you need to hold a left strafe button for a little longer and then push right strafe. Another great addition is in adding an additional button in your toolkit, hit crouch from time to time to decrease your chances to be deleted with the random headshot. Any additional move will be considered as an advantage over hitscan players, after all, it will make it harder to kill you. But never forget that you not only harder the process of aiming for enemies, but you will also suffer from these actions as well. Always keep in mind that you need to adjust your aiming according to your playstyle.