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Generating leads using PPC ads

Generating leads using PPC ads

Medical lead generation is an efficient way to improve your client base and endorse your medical practice through an effective pay-per-click ad campaign.

As per data, the funds invested in online marketing in the US in the medical industry is $2.84 billion. It is high time to start making the most of SEM (search engine marketing) and increase your medical leads by making search ads on the most prominent search engine, Google.

Google AdWords is one of the most outstanding ways when it comes to lead generation for any business. You need to begin using AdWords as your prime lead generation tool as 89 percent of patients use search engines to resolve medical queries, and 83 percent utilize it for finding a medical practitioner.

More about lead generation

Lead generation is a part of the sales procedure that draws potential clients and forms an interstate of your product/service in their head by making use of many lead generation techniques. Relying on the business type and the target viewers of the business, there are lots of lead generation methods utilized by enterprises.

Primary methods

  1. Event and PR
  2. Email and SMS marketing
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Cold calling

What is Google AdWords, and how does it work?

Google AdWords is a paid ad platform from Google. It is utilized for generating traffic to any site by using search and display ads. The basics with which Google AdWords work is pay per click or PPC, wherein the advertiser will be charged every time while anyone visits a site and clicks on an advertisement.

The best thing about Google ads is that your advertisement will just be shown to those who search for things based on your particular keywords. Google AdWords lets you target your advertisements by making use of specific keywords for a particular audience.

How does it work? Google exhibits your site or landing page while anyone searches on your targeted keywords on the search engine-in the form of an ad. From each click you get for your advertisement, you’ll be charged for the bid price you set for the keywords. The following are the requisites you require for starting weight loss lead generation with PPC ads.

  1. Google AdWords account
  2. Landing page or webpage
  3. Payment details
  4. List of your targeted keywords
  5. Create Ads

If you are running a healthcare business and need more leads for your practice, you’ll definitely need good planning.