How do hackers function?

Password combinations

This is one of their techniques in outsmarting their victims. Hackers have a program by which they can detect a password. The program is designed in a way that it can use millions of combinations and permutations in order to reach the right code. Hackers have the luxury of time while the program does its job for them.

Besides just passwords, paraphrases can be used to narrow down the search.

Phishing e-mails

This is one of the most basic ways of stealing information. It’s known as spear phishing and manipulates the victim into sharing confidential information such as passwords or bank details. Hackers have a way of obtaining information about you so they try to gain confidence by addressing you by your name or mentioning your profession. Back in the day, people were easily catfished but it still happens, albeit less frequently.

The most efficient way of getting rid of this problem is quite simply by not clicking on the link. But if you’re a curious cat, then at least verify the authenticity of the email by double checking the URL of the company provided or ascertaining that you don’t release any personal information.

Bluetooth device

Bluetooth is a wireless technological device that allows you to share data between devices in close range. What does this translate to in hacker’s language? It can be easily hacked! They can very conveniently gain access to your phone and steal data.

You can avert this by securing your Bluetooth device with a password and switching it off at all times unless in use.

Secondary websites

Now let’s look at a day when you’re normally browsing through something. You could be visiting a perfectly safe website but there are many other factors like advertisements, secondary sites and pop up links that can redirect you to another virus ridden website. Often times, the website owner is not aware of this.

Usually search engines or your security software will alert you in advance but hackers are constantly evolving and coming up with new ideas to hack your system.

Smart home

This is by far the most vulnerable to cyber attack. Your refrigerator, A.C, electronic fireplace, or even a baby monitor can be hacked, principally any device that is connected to the internet. By turning on your laptop camera, they can spy on you without your knowledge.

There are companies like Infosec Institute and Elijah Cyber Forensics that can train you to see the red flags in case of security breach.