How Important Is To Consider The Size Of TV Mount When Buying It?

It can be quite daunting to buy a television mount (especially for the flat screen) without any information. To find the perfect size of television mount requires knowledge about its size, TV weight, wall size, etc. The below guide will help you increase the knowledge in making it easier to select the right television wall mount for your home.

Size matters

To select the right television mount, size is an important thing that matters. Nowadays most television sets and mounts adhere to the VESA standard (Video Electronics Stands Association), it is convenient to fit any television to any extent.

A wall mount will get rated on the basis of the screen size of the television. Pay attention to the “advertised screen size”.

Check the actual weight of the mount that can be handled. It is also required to check the box or product description to figure out what weight is appropriate for the wall mount. Prime Cables is the best place to buy superior quality TV wall mounts for home and official use.

Is there any correlation between TV weight and wall mount size?

The size of the screen and television weight is not closely related to each other. On the basis of the quality and type of television, a large TV set from a single brand will weigh less than a small-sized television set from any other brand.

A 40 inches wall mount can easily support fifty pounds that can suit to your requirements than a fifty inches TV wall mount that can assist 40 pounds.

To the wall

Walls could be the best place where you would want to mount a television set. The size of the television depends on a wide range of factors, such as the positioning of the furniture, and the distance at which you will sit when you watch your television.

Last, but not the least, you need to decide if you have adequate space along the wall to hang your TV of the size you would want to buy.


You may find various types of wall mounts, pay attention to space in the room when setting your television flat against the wall. The ultimate decision for selecting a TV wall mount depends on how much room you have. All this information will definitely assist you to make the right decision.