How to Reset WordPress Manually and with Plugin?

WP theme developers sometimes make the mistake of the staging the sites in a rush. If they then plan to enhance any specific features, they will have to reset the WP database. There is no other option to start the site again to the default, without un-installation and reinstallation. 

How to correctly reset the WordPress site?

Before initiating the reset WordPress process, take a backup of the database files, because you will need some of them again for restoration later. Database the core of your site as all kinds of customizations and activities get stored there. WordPress website can be refreshed manually, but if you are not tech-savvy or if you are hesitant to use the cPanel, then you can use the WP reset plugin. 

Reset WP site manually

  1. Log in the hosts cPanel, under MySQL locate the database.
  2. You will see a single or list of a database having prefix ‘wp’ in the file name.
  3. Under ‘Actions’ choose the ‘Delete’ button and remove the database.
  4. The old database got deleted and now you got a fresh one in a ‘Create Database’ section.
  5. Click the drop-down menu to add new users to this database.
  6. After a new database gets created, delete the upload, themes, and plugins of the old site existing in the wp-content folder.
  7. Under public_html file, gain access to the root directory, where you will see unessential folders and files. Wipeout with your preferred FTP app. 
  8. Now, the database is clean. Run the WP installation script and install a functional WordPress.

WordPress refresh with a popular plugin

Many 3rd party extensions are available for resetting WordPress. WP Reset is a smart tool, which helps restore the default state with a single click. WP Reset plugin has admirable features, so it has grown in popularity.

  • Visual data representation helps to gain a view and identify the culprit.
  • Files and folders can be reset partially. It means you can keep specific plugins or themes needed.
  • Custom Callbacks can be made after database cleanup for specific services as the plugin is integrated with Webhooks.
  • Confirmation of the reset process is performed in multiple ways, so there are no concerns about accidentally modification or deletion of folders and files.
  • WP Reset is compatible with WP-CLI that helps to speed your work.
  • Admirable support from the tool developer team, whenever you need it.
  • Besides all the great features, the WP Reset tool can be downloaded and installed for FREE. 

The WP Reset plugin process

  • After installing, activate and visit Dashboard>Tools>WP Reset.
  • Check the preferences for the Post-reset actions & Reset button. 
  • Under ‘Tools’, you get options to delete the transients, plugins, themes, .htaccess file as well as clean custom tables and upload folder. 

Whenever you need to refresh your business site or clean unnecessary plugin or theme, avoid the tedious task of uninstalling and reinstalling the WordPress original defaults. Just use the WP Reset plugin and you are ready to start fresh! 

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