Master secure messaging with this guide to using privnote

Secure messaging tools like Privnote empower users to communicate privately online. Privnote is a web app that lets you exchange encrypted self-destructing notes and files. Master private messaging with these Privnote tips. It is a free web-based tool for sending messages that vanish permanently after being read once.

To use Privnote, you create a note on their website with any text, images, or file attachments you want. It generates a unique link to access your note. You send this link to a contact via any channel – email, messaging apps, social media. When your recipient opens the link, they view your privnote one time only. After they read it, or if one hour passes, the privnote automatically deletes itself forever. It prevents sensitive info from spreading beyond the intended reader.

  • End-to-end encryption secures messages in transit and storage
  • Self-destructing notes leave no trail after reading
  • No accounts required – you use Privnote anonymously
  • Onion routing hides your identity and usage from surveillance
  • Free and easy to use with any modern web browser

Creating your first privnote

Ready to start sending secure privnotes? Here is a simple step-by-step guide.

  1. Visit the Privnote website at https://tornote.io/
  2. Type or paste your private note into the message box
  3. You include text, images, files – anything you want to share confidentially!
  4. Click the “Create Privnote” button when ready
  5. Your privnote link will appear. Copy this unique URL.
  6. Paste the privnote link in an email, messaging app, or any channel to send to a contact.
  7. Your recipient simply clicks the link to view your privnote once.

Your privnote will automatically disappear after being read or after 1 hour.

Advanced privnote tips

Add a password to your privnote for an extra layer of security. Share the password separately with your recipient. Disable downloading to prevent recipients from saving copies of privnotes to their devices. Create expiring links that stop working after a set time, in case your recipient doesn’t open the note right away. Use Privnote’s browser extensions to create privnotes instantly without visiting the website. Access Privnote as a Tor onion service at privnote3paovvimu.onion for maximum anonymity. Disable copying to prevent recipients from copying privnote text. Get creative with these options to tune Privnote to your messaging needs.

If your recipient says a link doesn’t work, double-check the URL you sent for typos. Also, try re-generating a fresh link. Links will stop working after 1 hour or 1 view. Re-create a new privnote if an expired link is used. If Privnote won’t load, try clearing your browser cache and cookies. Disable any VPNs or firewalls temporarily. Make sure JavaScript is enabled on your web browser for Privnote to function. Privnote’s FAQ page also contains helpful troubleshooting advice if you run into other problems. It provides an invaluable way for the online exchange of sensitive information. Use Privnote whenever you need to discuss confidential matters digitally. This guide highlights tips to master private messaging with Privnote. Safeguard your privacy and try Privnote today.